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Driving in and around the school

We would like to remind you of the system for coming to school at peak hours (07:10—07:30). Please do not come down the ‘SERVICE ROAD’ towards Mazowe, to enter the school. Rather travel along GOLDEN STAIRS ROAD and turn left at the traffic lights.

Parents must obey the traffic signs along the service road; there have been numerous near misses as parents rush through the ‘Give Way’ at the garage. When the guards or leaders ask you not come down the service road towards Mazowe it is because they have been instructed to do so. Please do not abuse them verbally or ignore them. When you leave the school please also turn right onto the
service road.




Alternatively you may exit on Dominic Road. However, PARENTS, PLEASE DO NOT DRIVE DOWN DOMINIC ROAD FROM PRICES ROAD—THIS IS ONE-WAY. Dominic Road is a very narrow road. In addition pupils do walk down Dominic Road and so it is not safe when there are cars coming in both directions. Furthermore the residents of Dominic Road need a clear passage when they wish to go to work in the mornings.

Finally, there is not enough room for cars to turn at the bottom of Dominic Road while people are driving out of our Dominic Road gate. So parents may wish to drop their child off on Prices Road but please be sensitive to other users of that road. Parents dropping their younger children at Gateway Primary School might like to ask their older children to walk to Gateway High School – it is a ten minute walk (which will help to waken their child up!).

The same instructions about coming into the school grounds should be applied at other busy time. (1:15pm to 1:45pm) and (4:45pm to 5:15pm).

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.

Gateway High School

Our purpose, as a Bible – based Christian Educational Community, is to glorify God through serving our nation and impacting the world.


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